Water is the element of life
SPA - Sanus per aquam - health through water

 A new era of Well-being and awareness is already in place. The new Earth is here and we are all a part of it.   

 Wealth is an investment in your health and in the planet. Water is the source of life, so as air, light and nature on Earth. The Aura of all together is within, and around us.  

 Lets walk a new way of Wellness & Spa. It is more than creating a space, it is an overall commitment.
Andrea Bohlheim
 I am a Spa & Wellness professional with passion for my job since I have started to work in my first Spa in the year 2000. 

I am living a Well-being life. It is my believe that we can choose to have our own mind-body-spirit awareness and attract the life what we want.

I am the CEO of my health!


My portfolio spans more than 25 projects, starting with a white paper up to the opening, or transforming existing centres in the operational business. 

Contact me if you want to create a new concept or spacing up an existing Spa. 

We walk together to transform the energy of the space, your guests and your team.


The Spa & Wellness industry is beautiful to work within, and I like to inspire and coach people who want to grow and invest in themselves. This bespoke service will be individual, if you want support to achieve better business result for your Spa, or if you need guidance to reach the next career level.   

Count with me to lead you!


Stories to portray Spas, showing the design and the uniqueness of the space. 

Get an insight to beautiful Spa & Wellness centers, in a professional and competent way. 

Follow me on my journey, to discover places you want to experience!